French Garden Dining Room

[Edit: Check out the changes I've made in here since this post at this link.]

 As promised in many previous blog posts, here is my dining room. I hope you enjoy! Please, don't forget to follow me! Leave me a comment letting me know you follow me so I can follow back, also grab my button to add to your side bar! Let me know you did, so I can return the favor!
Here is the view walking in from the kitchen. Please note the stack of silver plated plate covers. If you didn't know they are supposed to keep your food warm until your entire table has been served, or to keep a dish covered. I searched and searched for these all over the internet, estate sales, antiques malls, thrift stores, etc. The ones I found were all over $100.00 each!!! I paid about $5.00 for all four of them! I got them at a couple's yard sale who used to own a large bed and breakfast. They used them for room service. For now they live in the chair until I add another china hutch to the dining room (in the works...).
By far a terrible photo; however, I love how the chandelier peeks in.
More cloches and some vintage boxes. They make great storage, plus they are pretty (to me, at least...)
I had those Craftsman style doors in a closet and decided to put them to use or get rid of them, so here they are! The marble column remnant is actually a pair of bookends a friend of mine bought nearly 40 years ago when he was in the Navy. I had admired them in his home for some time, then they appeared in his shop, so I snagged them up! 
The porcelain doll heads were a buck at a little junk shop near my house. They sold mostly really junky items, but these were jewels in the rough! It's amazing how much more important things look like when you put them under glass!
This is the view from the living room. I'm not sure if I'm happy with the window treatment yet. I still need to tweak it.
This is the view head on from the living room. You may ask, why such a small table? Because the room is small, and I like to be able to get around it and have some flow when friends come over. I can seat four at it, if need be; plus there is a tilt top table in the corner that I can set up as well. With the two small tables, it is like you are in a tea room.
Here are some close-ups of the current buffetscape. I went with a white on white theme.
As always, I get a little carried away. I really wish I had a more edited style. Still, I love all the varying textures.
I will probably hang the platters in the background above the window. I'm not sure, but I do know this display won't be there long, as I plan on having a Halloween gathering, and have a very cute Shabby Chic/Gothic buffetscape in the works. I will keep you posted!

[Edit] Thank you for all the complements! Lisa, the wall color is Martha Stewart Jadeite Bowl in Eggshell from the days she was at Home Depot, her paint line is now at Lowe's, and I haven't found a color similar enough; however, you can ask for it by name at Home Depot, and they *should* still be able to make it.

FYI, paint colors throughout the house are as follows: Living Room / Dining Room Martha Stewart Jadeite Bowl, Kitchen / Hall Bath / Laundry Room Martha Stewart Cake Stand Blue, Upper Kitchen Cabinets Martha Stewart Lemon Chiffon, Lower Cabinets: Lavender Soap, Hall / Guest Bedroom Martha Stewart Mint Gelato,  Office / Master Bedroom Martha Stewart Summer Storm, Master Bath (almost completed....almost 9 months into a 2 week remodel....Behr Bright White Beadboard and trim, Polished Silver walls) I love these colors, but would not recommend this paint to anyone, find the color you like and take it to Sherwin Williams and get Super Paint! Don't waste your time on Valspar, Behr, etc. They are not good paint, take many many coats, and end up costing much more because you have to buy twice  as much paint. Benjamin Moore has a similar and equally excellent line of paint. Bottom line--pick the color you love and go with Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams and have them color match it!

All: I will be busy getting around to all of your blogs ASAP to follow back / comment / visit!

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