Ikea Saves the Day With Ektorp!

Okay. . .so whether or not you know, I've lived without a comfy sofa for about three years! When I first bought my house, my old sofa was too big for my living room, so out it went. I replaced it with a lovely antique French settee because the price was super cheap and was only a temporary solution. Needless to say, not too long after, my finances took a nose dive, and I lived with the settee. Keep in mind it is the type of furniture you have company you don't want to stay long sit there.

Anyway, I've been under a lot of stress and really needed something to stretch out on--just to put my feet up and relax. Since my finances still haven't recovered, I've been looking at sofas for quite some time drooling over them. I even found one that was fabulous at a local furniture store, and was going to finance it, but the staff was so rude and unhelpful I left.

Still sad about not getting my perfect sofa, I hit blogland and read about the Ektorp sofa from Ikea. Sure--I've heard of Ikea for years--I even had a computer desk from there in high school. So I read every review of the Ektorp, borrowed a truck (and a friend to drive said truck--come on--me drive an extended cab F150? I don't think so).

I sold a few things online, and paid for my sofa with money from Christmas. Yes, I'm still young enough people still give me money for Christmas....(Thank you Grandma Fuller, Marie Cotten, and Wanda Bond!)

I say Ikea saved the day, because they had some great promotions (Offers, as they call it). If you ate in their restaurant, they would deduct that amount from your furniture purchase of $100 or more that day--free food--score! PLUS they had FREE MASSAGES for customers--Score again! Not to mention, I was able to pick up a few other things I needed at their insane low prices.

Since I got the new sofa, it was time to shop the house to change out accessories and further refresh the room. I pulled the candelabras from the dining room, cloches from around the house, and moved the nifty multi-drawer cabinet out from under the table next the the front door.

You can see I still have up the majority of my Christmas decor....shame on me...lol! I plan on moving the pink chase to my guest bedroom, as nearly everything in there is pink!

I've got some pretty resin wicker chairs in the garden, I will use in here as soon as I can get them hosed off.

I will add legs to this nifty cabinet to raise it a few inches higher. I think, too, that it will make it appear less heavy against the sofa up on some skinny legs.

One last look at my new sofa!! If you are curious about the sofa, or its construction/assembly, as it comes packed flat in a rather large cardboard box, you can watch the video below I found on YouTube!

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