{Blog Parties}

Here is an all-inclusive list of all the blog parties I party at! While I may not party at each one each week--they are all fun to check out. I've tried to include as many parties as I know of. If I party with you and left you out, I'm very sorry--please let me know and I will get it fixed right away. If you host a party I don't know about--tell me about it. I'll be glad to participate. If you scroll down farther, you will find the blog parties organized by day of the week. I've begun to notice some of these parties are not being held regularly any more. If you notice them, please let me know. Party On! 






       Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden   








        Get your craft on Thurs.   




         Business 2 Blogger   



Market Yourself Mondays-Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Dittle Dattle

The First Monday of every Month Before and After Party at Thrifty Decor Chick



My Backyard Eden

A Beach Cottage


Fireflies & Jellybeans

Tales from Bloggeritaville


April 8 - Tell us mother’s day/father’s day ideas
April 22 - Tell us how you stay organized
May 13 - Favorite Main course recipe
May 20 - Favorite Dessert
May 27 - Favorite appetizer recipe
A Little Knick Knack 

Frou Frou Decor



Under the Table and Dreaming

The Tablescaper - Seasonal Sunday 

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