Garden Art & Antiques

If you didn't know, one of my sponsors is Sycamore Antiques & Architectural Art. I wanted to share some of the photos of their fabulous shop! Click through to the rest of the posts for photos of their fantastic shop nestled among a myriad of antiques shops, specialty stores, luxury apartments, art galleries, and yummy restaurants in the historic Old Towne neighborhood in Petersburg, VA.

Collectible Trend Alert--Religious Items

Recently, several nationally published magazines featured big antique trends for 2012 and featured religious items! I wanted to share some of my collection I recently changed around in my dining room! If you didn't know I collect mercury glass hearts, pressed tin ex voto hearts, and other religious items including hymnals, altar furniture and fixtures, stained glass, and crucifixes. I've even got some organ pipes!

In the kitchen. . .

Folks always ask if I cook in my kitchen! Yes, I do!!! I'm even hosting a Pampered Chef Party in about a week. If you're in the area (near Richmond, VA) and would like to come, please drop me a line on Facebook or via the contact form!

Happy Easter 2012!

Happy Easter! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!

Oh--I'm sorry about the Facebook like's only supposed to pop up on your first visit, or each visit after you clear your cookies....I'm working on getting it fixed ASAP, in the meantime, you can just click the X in the box to close it without waiting.

All Spring and Easter merchandise in the online store is 50% off!!! There's still plenty of Spring to use it!

2 Year Blog Anniversary + Guest Post by Nicki Morrow-Winkles

I celebrate two years of blogging on April 5th, 2012! To celebrate I'm having my first guest post! If you don't know Nicki Morrow-Winkles, you need to check out her blog! This chica knows her stuff when it comes to budget decorating!

Read all about how to lighten and brighten your room on a budget after the jump! Also, if you'd like to guest post or have a project featured, drop me a line--I'd love to hear from you.

Spring Desserts with Buttercream Blondie

Photo Credit: Meghan McGarry
Have you heard of Buttercream Blondie yet? If you haven't you must experience her! She is a pastry chef and then some! Today I am sharing some of her wonderful Spring Desserts. There is even a video tutorial on how to make her now famous Glamour Peeps! Seriously make your own Peeps that SPARKLE!
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