Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to All!!!

Below are some vintage images to help celebrate the season!

All images sourced from here and are free to duplicate for all use! 

To keep you posted on projects, I got my deck almost painted--I still have to paint the outside of the railing, then decorate! Woohoo! I'll post photos soon! I'm off to handing out candy to all the trick-or-treaters!


With Halloween being tomorrow and all the celebrations, etc. going on in lieu, I keep thinking about candy! I know....I'm too old to love candy--but I just can't help myself! I just love the stuff! Chocolate and jellybeans are my favorite. With Christmas just around the corner--the goo-filled hard candies and peppermint taffy with green Christmas trees pop on the shelves--I try to stock up about six months worth!

I really just started eating the sour-type candies again--you know the ones with the gritty sugar and malic acid coating that make your tongue tingle and burn a little if you eat too many....I say again, as I ate so many one time I got sick and refused to eat them for years! I have a tradition of always eating a Watchmacallit on any long-distance car trips I go on--I'm not sure where that started! I really don't like candy corn or the similar candy pumpkins--bleh!!!

Chocolate is and has probably always been my favorite! Any time I'm near a Godiva store I have to get at least one truffle! My favorite are the dark chocolate clamshells filled with milk chocolate truffle! I have eating more chocolate than I care to admit to, but doing so I have discovered some wonderful candy bars! Dark chocolate with chili peppers is a favorite, along with a milk chocolate bacon bar--that was really good! Old standards like Toblerone are great, too! 

Gumdrops are another favorite of mine--especially the purple (licorice) ones! I also love black licorice jelly beans--Jelly Bellys are the best! I almost always have Lemonheads in the house--there is just something about them I love--the tart sweetness--I know that is an oxymoronic statement on my part, and I, too, know that oxymoronic is not a word, but it is a lovely portmanteau of oxymoron and moronic, don't ya think?!? Oh--just in case you are unfamiliar with the word portmanteau--it simply is two words strung together to make on new word, sometimes with letters being dropped, etc.

I found this picture on Google photo search and had to use it--it comes from an interesting blog featuring art and poetry

Think about a spork--you know the weird plastic spoon thing with little miniature tines......it is a spoon-fork. Lewis Carrol coined some still-used portmanteau words in Through the Looking glass in the Poem Jabberwocky--words like frabjous and chortle--frabjous is a portmanteau of Fabulous and Gorgeous where chortle is a combination of chuckle and snort--I'm sure we're all guilty of that one at one time on another!

The Vicar of Dibley (a fantastic Britcom) introduced me to the wonderful world of Cadbury chocolates available in the UK including Curl Wurly and Crunchie bars--these are awesome and a great alternative to sometimes ho-hum American confections! Curly Wurlys bars are a milk-chocolate covered caramel lattice that sort of resemble a garden lattice--the are mildly chewy and not overly sweet. Crunchie bars are hard to describe. First off they are crunchy--they have a almost strange, yet familiar texture and the flavor of the nougat is hard to describe--imagine a crunchy burnt marshmallow covered in chocolate. Also, to the chocoholics on a diet--a Curly Wurly is about a foot long and only has about 115 calories! Guilt-Free Chocolate--and if you drink a full glass of water and take a multi-vitamin before/after eating it becomes an almost healthy snack! (Whom am I kidding?) Just eat the darn thing and enjoy it knowing you're not doing too much damage! 

If you are unfamiliar with The Vicar of Dibley--I highly recommend watching it! Also, above are some links to purchase some of the harder-to-find candy bars mentioned in this post. I've found Toblerone at most grocery stores, and even Walmart, but I have to search for Crunchie and Curly Wurly Bars--they sell them at CostPlus World Market, but are frequently sold out! So very sad!

I'd love to hear from you! What are your favorite candies? Do you have a favorite story relating to candy?Leave me a comment letting me know! I love all you have to say!

This post is a complete ramble different from my usual focus on budget home decor and lovely romantic and Frenchy things, but then again, I like to let you know what I like, too! I promise my much promised post on my Frabjous French Laundry room is going to happen soon--I've got to finish organizing and hang the chandelier--yes ANOTHER ONE!!! Hopefully I'll have time to paint my deck tomorrow, as it will probably be the last warm weekend for a while!

The Oak Antique Mall

I've mentioned The Oak many times in my blog thus far, but have never done a specific post on it. If you didn't know, The Oak is a 10,000 square foot antiques mall with about 50 leased spaces located in the heart of Historic Old Towne Petersburg, VA. Click here for directions.


The Oak holds a very special place in my life, as it was my first real job. They opened in November of 2005, and I started about six months later as a  part-time sales associate one thing led to another and I was quickly promoted to assistant manager, then manager in less than two years. I've spent a great deal of time and energy making this place the talk of the town. Sadly, I left for what I thought was the start to my own business--home staging, wedding planning, live piano...As many of you know this all fell through, Though I was offered a job back at The Oak during all of this, it just didn't feel right.

This has to be one of my all-time favorite photos from The Oak--I love how this dealer turned an old cast-iron crib into a chic daybed!

By these photos, you can tell The Oak sells quite an array of unique items.

I do apologize, but these are older photos, so many (if not all) the items shown have sold, don't fret--there is always new merchandise coming in--I'll be bringing a truckload in this week-end!

You'll be sure to find unique custom pieces like this bench, along with European, Asian, and Early American antiques and fine reproductions.

I envy the family that purchased these urns!

This dealer carries stained glass panels for much cheaper than auction!

Here's a fun sign one of the dealers posted!

Dealers here carry everything from Shabby Chic to Primitive to the Finest European best.

Quilts, linens, fabrics (remnants and by the bolt), garden items, vintage clothing,

Sterling Silver, Occupied Japan, Country Store items, religious items, and more!

Beautiful glassware.

Great deals on decorator pieces that really make a statement.

Plenty of chairs to go around!

I almost bought this armoire! I simply couldn't find a place for it! Check out the chippy pink and aqua paint!

Antique leather-bound books.

Chintzware and other china and glassware.

I hope these photos tempt you! I'll post more this week if I get a chance. I have some friends from college staying with me this week-end and I'm busy getting everything straight, plus I'm getting everything together to move in to my antique space also this week-end! I'll definitely post photos of my finished display area!

And to keep the FTC cronies happy--I HAVE NOT been compensated for this or other similar show and tell postings on this and others of my favorite shops!

Exciting News!

After much anticipation and delay, several things fell together today. I will be opening a small space in an antiques mall this week-end! Just in time for the Christmas shopping season!

My space will be in The Oak Antique Mall located at 400 N. Sycamore Street in Historic Old Towne Petersburg, VA.

It is located in a beautiful, historic brownstone building! 

More details to follow later this week, along with a post on this great shoppe! Wish me luck!

Budget Master Bath Reveal

[Edited to add an FAQ section at bottom of post!]

Finally! After a year since the initial water damage and over nine months of construction delays my estimated two-week master bath renovation is finally complete! 

For a budget of under $3,000.00 I was able to gut my dated 1964 pink bathroom and replace it with a chic space full of charm and detail! 

Porcelain Subway tile, bead board, and a Chic Parisian grey and white color scheme. A vintage French flower bucket makes a wonderful rubbish bin. I bought this one for a buck!

This room is teeny-tiny, so photographing it was a feat all in and of itself! 

As you enter from my bedroom--what a novice treat--a bathroom door! I haven't had a door to this bathroom since I moved in. The previous homeowners had installed a new toilet with an elongate bowl--you could not shut the door, so I took it down and hung a curtain.

In keeping with my frugality--the lovely pedestal sink was a whopping $40.00 brand new from Lowe's. The Faucet was $25.00 from Home Depot. (Really) These were off the shelf--no special orders.

Here I've displayed a collection of Mercury Glass, a mirrored glove box, bottles with Rhinestone Crown stoppers, and some vintage silver to further enhance the Parisian Chic color scheme.

Here is the view of the Eiffel Tower from my house--actually it is a photo printed on canvas I picked up at a thrift store for a few dollars.

More mercury glass and vintage silver and some coral and shells complete the vignette on the toilet tank.

 A view of the lovely Rachael Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic shower curtain from Target!

I purchased this ornate mirror for $10.00 off Craigslist and faux-finished it myself using Primer Grey Spray paint, watered-down flat white paint, some silver Rub-n-Buff, and lots of patience and elbow grease!

Here is a close up of all the detail! To achieve this look--dust the frame really well. Spray with several coats of grey primer spray paint, allow to dry. Use an old spray bottle and fill it with one part flat paint to 3 parts water. Spray on and brush/wipe, allowing to dry between applications. Keep adding layers. I put over twenty coats of the watered down paint to create this affect. After about the 10th coat, I added the Run-n-Buff on the highlights. I thought that was too shiny, so I added another 10 or so coats of white--the silver still shows, but is much more subdued. I priced similar mirrors and they sold for up to several thousand dollars online. This cost less than $20.00 and only took a day to complete.

Another view of the lovely Rachael Ashwell shower curtain! The industrial hooks are from Target, as well.

The Geometric rug is from the clearance section at Marshall's.

I have to share this with you--this light in the shower is also the ventilation fan! Yes, they now make pretty fans for the bathroom! The best part is they don't cost any more than the ugly ones!!!

Not bad for a $25.00 faucet!

Close-up of tile work, shower control, and shower head.

This medicine cabinet was $6.00 at a yard-sale.

This beautiful tassel was $3.00 at a favorite shop of mine.

Here is one final view of my bath! Let me know what you think! I'll be happy to answer any questions you have! Don't forget to follow me! Please leave a comment letting me know you followed me, so I may follow you back! Please be patient--I'm backlogged blogging--don't worry I will get around to you shortly! Thanks so much for stopping by! Check back often!


FAQs. . .

Wall Color: Valspar Polished Silver

Switchplate covers: Home Depot

I was my own contractor: I hired a handyman to do all the grunt work, I helped some. Basically I designed it, picked all the materials and went shopping with him and directed him in what to do.


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