Lemon Lavender Floats

I first discovered Dry Lavender soda a few years back. . .I have come to love it! Yesterday, I decided I wanted to make a float. I thought what could be better than lemon sorbet with the lavender soda, and boy, was I right! 

These were super yummy and very simple to make! I used:

Dry Lavender Soda

Häagen-Dazs Zesty Lemon Sorbet

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, and several folks wanted to know where to find it! Here is a link to buy it online if you can't find it in your area. I've gotten it from Home Goods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. 

I used a 2" cookie scoop when making these. I'm sure they'd be delicious with a high-quality vanilla bean ice cream, as well. I want to try Dry Soda's Lime Soda to mix with the Lemon Sorbet, too. . .

I'll be back soon with more goodies! I'm even working on a recipe right now that will be perfect for tailgating parties. . .

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