Spooky Apothecary Mantlescape

As Promised, Here is my Fall Mantel 2012! My collection of Apothecary items inspired this display, and in the middle of decorating it I found (at my new job, may I add) an antique medical degree hand-lettered in Latin on sheepskin! This pulled the whole display together and adds authenticity to the few reproduction items in the display.

I love my collection of Apothecary items. I've picked pieces up here and there over the years. Some pieces like the ceramic chemical containers are reproduction, whereas the small bottle and mortar and pestal above are antique.

This antique medical degree was a find at my new job, running Estate Tag Sales with

The antique bottle in the foreground is a Colgate bottle. I'm not sure what came in it. I put some Epsom salts in there for added texture.

I picked these books up a few years ago and have enjoyed them at Halloween each year since. That's Listerine in that bottle.

These square bottles are some of my favorites.

The brown bottle above is what we now call hydrogen peroxide. 

Here are a few more photos! I've gotta get ready for the we're running this week-end!

I'll be back soon with more goodies and Estate Sale Finds!

Be sure to look for my article in the upcoming December 2012 Romantic Homes Magazine!

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