Fall Decorating Ideas Take One

Here is a little inspiration for switching things up for Fall. Over the next bit, I will be posting more Fall decorating ideas, including tablescapes, Halloween goodies, and more! On the page, I gave a sneak preview of upcoming posts, and asked what was everyone's' favorite of the ideas....the crows and cream pumpkins won hands down! Please, feel free to Pin away on Pinterest. I know some bloggers aren't the biggest fans of Pinterest, but I LOVE it! I have embedded a bit of code on this website so if you hover over a photo with your cursor, a red "P" on a white circle will pop up--just click it to Pin it! The caption auto-fills, links, and everything! Easy! 

Vintage papier-mâché crows, faux cream pumpkins, and some creepy fabric from the Halloween section of the crafts store add lots of fun layers and textures, while not going overboard. 

Throw in some faux hydrangeas for even more texture. 

Drape more creepy fabric on the mantle and add some book pages and neutral accents.

These clock faces are fake! Just print clock faces on cardstock and cut them out!

Here is a scene of the whole look! Check back soon for more ideas!

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