Fall Decorating Ideas Take Two--Tablescapes

Here are two Fall Tablescapes for your inspiration! The first features classic white ironstone, pewter, vintage silver, and pumpkins, the second puts beautiful brown transferware front and center. Both were done with items scoured from thrift shops, antiques stores, and estate sales--and are all items you can use for more than just Fall! As much as I love truly seasonal decor, I have come to find using what you have and repurposing every-day items as holiday fare makes a more personally tailored and unique statement than to festoon with store-bought items.  

Mini pumpkins picked up at the grocery store are perched atop my vintage silverplate creamers and sugars collection. They make great risers, vases, and more. I have put bottle brush trees in them for Christmas, and here have used them to elevate the pumpkins on an elegant perch.

I used some fabric from the Halloween section of the crafts store for lots of texture. For the place setting I started with ironstone dinner plates and topped them with pewter salad plates, and mini cauldrons--originally intended for restaurants to serve French onion soup.

 For another tablescape, I used Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles in Brown Multi. This polychrome antique ironstone was discontinued sometime before 1930, though the pattern is still made today in other colors.

I layered this with an transferware dinner plate, a pewter salad plate, then a transferware bread plate to top. Both tablescapes feature mismatched silverplate flatware.

Simple crystal stemware complete the table. I opted for no centerpiece, because sitting 6 at my table is a stretch, and I didn't want to cram that in the middle.

I hope you have enjoyed these tablescapes! I must confess, I recycled some photos from previous posts here, but with all my new readers, I thought I would dig into the archives for some fun inspiration.

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