Religious Visions

I've said it before, and I'll say it again--I LOVE religious items--santos crowns, statuary, sacred hearts, etc. Here is some of my collection, including some new additions! I have plenty more to share in the near future. 

A few of my santos crowns here. I love these--and pick them up here and there when I come across them.

I bought this at a recent estate sale. The lady had tons and tons of religious items. I only purchased a few things.

This is another recent addition. I was antiquing with friends and picked up this reproduction French crown. I think it is Cody Foster.

Vision. Opera glasses. The mother of pearl ones are a cheap reproduction, but the lovely bronze ones are a French antique.

Here is an overview of the vignette--all perched on my fabulous five dollar garage sale side table. It once held all sorts of nails, screws, and random other goodies. It has moved around to nearly every room before I finally added some hairpin legs to make it a bit taller--now it is the perfect side table.

This sacred heart was partial payment for fixing a friend's computer! Ha!

While picking an estate, I LITERALLY tripped on this statue buried in their yard! She was meant to be mine!

I never put this itty-bitty nativity away.

This St. Joseph is another favorite of mine. I will share more photos of my religions collection soon!

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