Christmas 2013

This Christmas, I was VERY late getting stuff together! However, by simply adding some holiday bling to my usual decor, I came up with a lovely and beautiful Christmas display! Artificial greenery, mercury glass, trophies, and some natural elements pull everything together.

All I did to the mantle was put some greenery into the trophies and on it.

I pulled an urn from another room and put a glittered Christmas tree in it. Make your own with spray glitter or spray adhesive and glitter! Keep in mind they are VERY MESSY but are very pretty!

I pulled out this pretty nativity and nestled in nearby. 

. . .And filled a crystal chandelier basket with mercury glass ornaments.

Here is another glitter tree, this time in a champagne bucket on the piano.

See--easy peasy Christmas cheer!

Some glittered silk poinsettias from the crafts store add to the decor.

Just tuck the greenery in and around your display! Trim it up if need be. Use the trimmings to put in smaller containers!

The award for cutest pine cone goes to . . . .

Hydrangea Christmas Tree

By tucking in LOTS of additional faux greenery sprays into a faux realistic Christmas tree it becomes more of an art form than a tree.

I went back and added silk hydrangeas, 

mercury glass squirrels with bottle-brush tails, burlap ribbon,

faux ferns, spanish moss, a wasp's nest, 

and even some pokey floral pearl on a stick things!

Almost forgot the blown glass pine cones!

I put baby Jesus on the altar in the dining room, 

with an angle standing guard.

Here you can see my newly painted and recovered dining chairs! I love them. More on that soon! Merry Christmas!

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