Communion with the Saints

     Hey, y'all! Some of these photos are new, while others were on Facebook earlier this week! Be sure to pop over to and like me there to stay up to date! Anyway, here are some brand new photos of my dining room! I called this post "Communion with the Saints" because a good portion of the religious items I collect are in this room. Heck--my side board is a communion table.

I love all of the whites and greys with pops of rust! This marble top table is a French brasserie table. I picked it up in my hometown of Petersburg, VA! The side chairs came from an estate sale. I painted them and recovered the seats with painter's drop cloth from the hardware store. The two large Gothic chairs were a gift from a dear friend. I also painted them. I bought the two altar candlesticks at Petersburg Pickers. Petersburg Pickers is one of the largest Estate Liquidation firms in my area. I say this because I know--I work there full time as operations manager! We run three day Estate Tag Sales out of our 10,000 square foot warehouse every other Thursday - Saturday! Find out more here.

The faux flowers, vintage sprinkler, and faux moss came from a previous sale!

Another view of my dining room looking towards the living room.

You can see a glimpse of the altar table that is my server/sideboard. The chandelier was an $89.00 hardware store find.

On top of religious items, I also have quite a few garden items in this room! I love these topiary forms! They make quite an impression, and help fill the void--I put my Christmas tree in this corner, and it seems so bare when I take it down!

Here, a French wash stand doubles as a bar/server. I have placed a favorite Santos, several sacred hearts and some altar candlesticks on it. There is also a petite glimpse into my kitchen. I will have new and updated photos to share soon!

Underneath, a fabulous cast iron Scottie stands on an antique milk box.
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